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Born in Nigeria, Ketu—Singer & songwriter is a soulful, fast-rising R&B creative. Ketu is a passionate LA-based musician who believes that music connects everyone together. Growing up, his parents didn’t play many songs from America in his home. Moreover, he discovered bands like Coldplay, Lifehouse, Paramore, and The Script by watching MTV and VH1 on TV. As of late, he started to listen to soul, R&B, and other urban genres. Ketu’s heavily emotional sound can be credited to Coldplay’s influence on his music. Their honesty helped instill a level of vulnerability in Ketu’s music.  

Although music is his top priority, Ketu has always been a creative person. He loves chess, basketball, lifting weights, and reading to stay sharp. He intentionally plans time to do things outside of music to gain new experiences. Ketu’s resume includes children’s books, Netflix, Facebook, ACLU, Universal Music Group, and The NFL.  Ketu born Anthony Ketuojor Ikediuba started investing in his music career seriously in 2020. It was after he finished illustrating a Black History Month mural for Netflix that he decided to put all of that money into his craft.

Ketu is a well-rounded man. He is spiritual and lighthearted. His latest EP, Ano-Ele highlights various topics including anxiety, love, and our everchanging culture in today’s society. His goal in life is to always stay connected to God no matter what happens in his present or future life. Finishing his first EP was one of his proudest moments in life. Ketu wants all his fans to remember that they are loved when they listen to Ano-Ele.

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