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​​Matthew Bernard aka MTech is a music producer from Los Angeles California. He started in the church singing and playing the piano by ear at age 10. From then on he became a multi-instrumentalist within many genres, studying classical, gospel, jazz, rock, marching band, & electronic music. Not having access to a studio at age 13, his first beats & recordings were made on a Casio from Radio Shack & voice Recorder/MP3 player. At age 14 he started learning Pro Tools 8 and Reason 5. By age 17 he was recording and producing for independent artists around LA.
MTech pursued his higher education at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. In his first month, he connected with legendary R&B producer Troy Taylor via twitter and fell under his mentorship. Over the course of three years, he produced for many local artists, played in multiple bands as a keyboardist, & fully produced his first EP "NYLA". After graduating at 20 years old with his B,S. in Recording Arts, MTech took his talents to Atlanta where he would work beside his mentor and develop his sound. After a couple years of hard work and development, MTech received his first major placement on Lee Daniel's television show "Star" on FOX which now has over 2 Million views! He achieved two additional placements on the show and in the following year, MTech worked as a rehearsal pianist/arranger on S2 of The Four: Battle for Stardom alongside Adam Blackstone. From albums to television to movies, MTech is well on his way to becoming an extremely versatile producer in the industry.
This is only the beginning. 

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