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Assisting  GOATs in the making achieve their apex potential.

​The HE(A)RD is a dynamic management / creative company co-founded by Traver Hill and Gary Biddy in Los Angeles, CA in 2017. They realized that because of the positive energy and ambition they put out into the world, they were able to attract artists with a similar mindset, and strongly wanted to support their careers.

​By using their collective experience, knowledge, and resources, they are able to effectively develop artists of all creative facets and help them progress through their career holistically. 
The focus of
The HE(A)RD has never been to just grow their artists financially, but to evolve their artists’ minds and spirits so that their success, however they choose to define it, will have longevity.

​They believe that every artist they support is a future GOAT, and they facilitate their growth to fulfil their apex potential.

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